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This website was put together to SHOWCASE the variety of shoes or wheels that adorn our beloved z31(s). The information has been gathered from z31 member posts, profiles, emails and internet searches. [: 31 MARCH 2012]

The website has been slightly re-organized to hopefully make it more useful and streamlined. You now can select "the size" of wheels you're interested in.

New for 2005! Car Owner links! If you have a profile (i.e. z31.com) or owner page (i.e. cardomain or your own domain) and want WheelShow to link to it, provide the information to me. Be sure to include the full URL, your name (board name), and where your car is located (i.e. 17" wheels; 18" wheels)

Click here for 19 inch wheels - Updated: 15 JANUARY 10

Click here for 18 inch wheels - Updated: 22 MARCH 12

Click here for 17 inch wheels - Updated: 31 MARCH 12

Click here for 16 inch wheels - Updated: 22 MARCH 12

Click here for 15 inch wheels and others. - Updated: 17 SEPTEMBER 09

OEM INFORMATION (From the z31.com MODIFICATIONS section. Click link for additional information)

Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)

"Other useful links"

Adapter(s)/Spacer(s): CrowAutomotive

Wheel / Tire Size Comparer: Wheel-Tire Comparer

Wheel Calculator #1: Offset Calculator

Wheel Calculator #2: Wheel & Tyre Bible

Strut Bar Information: z31 Strut Bars Note: Not to be confused with sway bars

Speed & RPM Calculator: AZ-ZBum's Speed & RPM Calculator.

Car Bible(s): Car Bible(s) (Engine Oil Bible; Suspension Bible; Brake Bible; etc ..) and OnlineTires

Little K's site: Soul Synchro Machine to view a Japanese registry w/over 300 Z31s!

JDM (and others) Wheel Search: (Looking for those wheels ONLY in Japan?) Takumi Project
Panda Garage
RIP Garage
JDM HookUp
RB Wheels
Flash Options
Rare JDM
JDM Wheels BlogSpot

Z31 Adjustable Rear Camber Mod (via AZ-ZBum's website)

ZBUM's Nissan Z31 Wheel and Tire Limits

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