Welcome to "" This website was created (or is being created) as a hobby to allow me to combine (2) two of my interests. [1] Z (Datsun/Nissan) cars and [2] website development.

WARNING! You won't see anything breathtaking nor cutting-edge here. There are plenty of resources on the internet that can address those requirements.

This is a website that will be in somewhat constant flux, meaning it will change often, as I get a feel as to where I want to go with it.

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Name (Links) Description
CALENDAR Your 1-STOP calendar of "Z" events. Rallyes, meets, car shows, socials, etc... This calendar is NOT affiliated with any specific Z club, forum or organization. You'll find events throughout the United States, and in foreign countries. It was created to allow YOU, the "Z" enthusiast, the opportunity to decide for yourself, if an event is worth your time.

If you want to submit an event for inclusion, you may send a request to:

"Z" Guide A guide created to answer the question - "Where do you take your Z to get service, repairs, etc ..?"

Note: Primarily a Northern California focus, with an emphasis on the - Sacramento / Yolo / Solano areas. Although included are a number of businesses in the central valley and bay areas.

My Z Museum "My Z Museum" started out to showcase my diecast collection of Z cars. Featuring various wings: s30 130 wing for 240/260/280/280zx; z31 wing for 300zx (1st Generation); z32 wing for 300zx (2nd Generation); and z 33 wing for the new 350z.

It quickly expanded to include my Z31 Gallery - a collection of (z31) posters, drawings and artwork.

Again my collection grew to include "slot cars" (s130/z31 Z cars) and z31 "model" cars ...

The latest expansion features my "Z Library" featuring my collection of: Z car brochures; magazines and books (texts)

The museum is updated frequently! Some might say "I've gone a bit overboard in my enthusiasm".

Admission is FREE.

Gallery A personal gallery just for my Z31. Currently features (1) "inqui-Z-tor Profile" album - just as the title describes, a photographic profile of my Z31; (2) "z31 Calendar" album - photographs of the z31 calendars that my Z has been featured in; (3) "ART +" album - showing various art pieces created of/for my Z; (4) "ZGIRLZ" album - I call it my Wall of Fame. If you're offended Z cars and women, DON'T open this album. Featured are my HOOTERS girls with my Z.

From time to time, I'll add specialty albums like my PhotoShoot '08 album - of photographs I took to compete for the Z3 Calendar. The gallery area will most likely be updated frequently.

Featuring my "Z" at My Z31 Garage which is a virtual garage where you can find details (photographs, a blog, and more) out about my "Z" (others too). Believe it or not, this garage in located in Australia! "My Z31 Garage" site is graciously hosted / maintained by 300zxt! (Thanks Joe!)
z31 WheelShow Originally created in response to the FPR (Frequently Posted Request): "What wheels are available for the z31?"

What makes the information here unique is that you'll see "real live" applications - complete with photographs.

You'll also find information (links) on a variety of "wheel related topics".

The z31 WheelShow re-hosted 5-June-2008. Last updated 31 March 2012.

z31 Body Kits Originally created in responses to the FPR: "What body kits (spoilers, airdams, wings, skirts, valences, etc ...) are available for the z31?" This site may not include ALL kits available for the Z31, it is rather extensive and a great place to start, if you're seeking that unique "look".

The Z31 Body Kit FPR site is graciously hosted / maintained by AZ-ZBum . (Click to check out Paul's website)

Last updated: 31 March 2012